LGS is an institution founded by Pakistani women. For over 40 years, we have been striving to ensure that our students receive an education in line with our ideals of equality and female empowerment.

The recent accusations of harassment at one of our branches have shaken us to the core. We have listened closely to alumni and current students regarding their concerns. The staff members implicated in harassment have been terminated. Members of the administration who allegedly failed to listen or take any action on the basis of complaints have been suspended pending investigation.

The courage of students/alumni who have voiced their concerns on social media, and who have been actively engaged in attempting to better their institution is commendable. We pledge to ensure that all complaints will be listened to and no student will go through the ordeal of feeling unheard. LGS is all about teaching students to use their voice to create a better world; it is fundamental now, that we listen.

And we are listening. Following a consultative process with students and alumni it has been decided that several concrete steps will be taken to address this issue including:

  1. Formation of an inquiry committee which will look into allegations of harassment.
  2. A handbook for teachers and students setting out what constitutes inappropriate behavior.
  3. Mandatory training on harassment for faculty, staff and students.
  4. The publicising of our anti-harassment policy on our website, on school bulletin boards, and in visible school areas to ensure everyone is aware of its terms.

It is our responsibility to do everything that we can to ensure no student feels unsafe at LGS. Each of our branches will establish systems and processes to create awareness and sensitivity and to ensure proper and fair handling of complaints.

As an institution we remain committed to creating a harassment free environment where all our students can flourish.

Statement issued by the Board of Directors of Lahore Grammar School (“LGS”).