Senior School!

On behalf of the LGS Paragon administration, faculty and staff, it is a pleasure to welcome you to Lahore Grammar School, Paragon City Campus’ A Level Program.

The A Level Program at LGS Paragon is one of the largest and most diverse ones on offer in the city of Lahore. It has a combined strength of close to 500 boys and girls, from all walks of life. It is particularly recognised for its reputable faculty, achievements in academics and co-curricular activities, unparalleled facilities and its spectacular, purpose-built campus spread over eight acres of land.

In an effort to help you navigate your way through what can sometimes be an intimidating experience, this website has been designed to orient you to the rich academic and social aspects of community life at LGS Paragon. It is meant to be a kind of guide to what you can expect in terms of the school program; faculty, administration, courses offered, the school calendar, student codes of conduct, promotion and examination policies, co-curricular activities, university admissions and much more. It is our hope that you become familiar with its contents and utilise the facilities we offer, whilst respecting the core values of equity, tolerance, responsibility, respect, integrity and compassion that are the foundation of our A Level program.

We also hope that this website will will be useful to prospective and current parents and allow them the opportunity, along with their child, of understanding and participating in the academic and social life of LGS Paragon. Through communication between administration, faculty, parents and the student, it is our firm belief that we can help each child reach his/her full potential.

Our Activities


Dear Parents, We have come across various posts on social media suggesting that LGS is planning to make students wear a mask with the school logo once schools open. Please note that this is NOT TRUE. All students must wear a mask for their own safety but they will buy masks of their own choice. […]

Update about Harassment Issue Director’s Office ( 02-07-2020)

A committee to probe the allegations against the suspended members of the administration of LGS 1A1 has been formed . The committee consists of senior members from the management of LGS and Alumni Representatives( LGS 1A1 Collective) . The Director, Mrs Ali ,will oversee the proceedings of the committee herself . The findings of the […]


On Wednesday, 1st July 2020, the Director of LGS 1A1, Ms. Nighat Ali, Principal Ms. Gul Rukh Rehman and other members of the school management (“School Management”) held a meeting with representatives from the “LGS 1A1 Collective” (a group of actively concerned and collectively engaged alumnae and students). The focus of the meeting was to […]

Update on the Issue of the Harassment Charges from the Director’s Office

In light of the recent highlighted allegations that have been brought to the attention of Mrs. Nighat Ali, Director Lahore Grammar School, the services of the four following accused employees have been terminated with immediate effect: 1/ Mr. Aitzaz Rehman Sheikh (A Level Faculty Member) 2/ Mr. Zahid Warraich (A Level Faculty Member) 3/ Mr. […]

Grade 10 Assignments

COMPULSORY Math Chemistry Commerce[10,E-F] Islamiat Pak Studies OPTIONAL SUBJECTS Accounting [Optional] Add Maths [Optional] Commerce [Optional] English Literature [Optional] German

Grade 10 Assignments

COMPULSORY Math Chemistry Commerce[10,E-F] Islamiat Pak Studies OPTIONAL SUBJECTS Accounting [Optional] Add Maths [Optional] Commerce [Optional] English Literature [Optional]

Grade 10 Assignments

COMPULSORY Business Studies Math Chemistry Commerce[10,E-F] Islamiat Pak Studies OPTIONAL SUBJECTS Accounting [Optional] Add Maths [Optional] Commerce [Optional] English Literature [Optional] German

Grade 11 Assignments Week-1

Accounting Add Maths Biology Business Studies Chemistry Commerce English English Literature Food & Nutrition Global Perspectives ICT Mathematics Physics Urdu Economics


A day full of fun and games was organized by the Junior School. The children and parents were able to enjoy food music and games.     CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES!  


Lahore Grammar School has always been honored to be blessed with such extraordinarily talented young minds. We at The Lahore Grammar School would like to congratulate all the students of the Junior school for their outstandingly brilliant achievements and wish them all the success for their future endeavors.     CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES!

Skiing Course 2017

Students of LGS Paragon went on an adventurous skiing expedition along with their teachers in collaboration with Adventure Time Pakistan (ATP) to Nathiagali and Abbotabad; where they not only were able to conquer the snow but were also able to learn and master the skills of rappelling down a mountain.     CLICK HERE FOR MORE […]

Alumni (Old Paraknight Reunion 2016)

An alumni homecoming was organized for the old students of LGS paragon. It was an evening filled with fun and music where students were able to rejoice to the beats and catch up with their teachers, friends, peers and classmates.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES!

Inter School Olympiad Singing Competition (Middle School)

A singing competition was organized for the students of the middle school. It was a complex yet challenging event where students were able to showcase their talents along with competing for a position in the various genres of music.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES!

Welcome Party A levels (2016-17)

The outgoing Alevels class along with the management of LGS Paragon and their teachers organized a fun filled evening to welcome the new batch of Alevel students. The evening was filled with fun, music and performances showcasing the talents of the outgoing batch.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES!