What We Offer:

We offer our students a three year program based on interactive and active learning. Through the prepared environment we aim to evoke the inner discipline of a child. Our classrooms offer freedom of movement and freedom of choice within the ground rules; thus preparing the future leaders to be the masters of their environment. Daily chores are taught through practice in addition to academics.

Activities are developed and presented in such a way as to appease the child’s need to explore, choose, work and develop concentration skills. 


Our curriculum is really extraordinary; it gets renewed and enriched based on the observations of our teachers and the specialists. We value our parents’ suggestions and endeavor to provide the child with materials to enhance the abilities.

A Day At Paragon Preschool:

In preschool our qualified and trained staff creates a safe, caring and stimulating environment for children to learn and develop in.
Children are received with a smile and welcomed back to their classes.
Our day starts with a reading program where a few children sit and read with one of the teachers; while others are working at their chosen activity taken from the varied exercises prepared by the teacher. Taking turns and developing motor and life skills is the mainstay of this hour.
Cleaning up and gathering for circle time follows the all inclusive and carefully planned talk that aims at verbalizing some of the information the child is coming across.
Written work, shared lunch time, outdoor play and library period lead the now very tired children to rest for a while.
Culture circle introduces the child to a general knowledge topic through oral discussion and some associated text.

Story time/pack time is how we conclude our day.  

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Our Activities