LGS Paragon Middle School consists of grade 6, 7 & 8. Here our focus is to help students transition smoothly from Junior school to the rigorous demands of the O-levels programme in Senior school. Students are taught a wide variety of subjects here including French/German, Performing Arts and Food n Nutrition. We offer custom built language labs, activity rooms and various other facilities. Our grade 8 students take the Cambridge Checkpoints exam which assesses their readiness for O-levels.

Middle School has a vibrant co-curricular programme where students take part in plays, Maths Competitions, Arts contests, debates and much more throughout the year. Our sports activities include basketball, football, tennis, swimming, karate, etc. Our main focus is to help our young students develop every facet of their personality and find some area in which they excel.

Our Activities

Skiing Course 2017

Students of LGS Paragon went on an adventurous skiing expedition along with their teachers in collaboration with Adventure Time Pakistan (ATP) to Nathiagali and Abbotabad; where they not only were able to conquer the snow but were also able to learn and master the skills of rappelling down a mountain.     CLICK HERE FOR MORE […]

Inter School Olympiad Singing Competition (Middle School)

A singing competition was organized for the students of the middle school. It was a complex yet challenging event where students were able to showcase their talents along with competing for a position in the various genres of music.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES!