The beautiful purpose-built campus over 200 thousand square feet of accessible land in the heart of Paragon City, Lahore Cantt. It boasts facilities catering to all aspects of school life.
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Welcome To LGS Paragon

Let us endeavor on a pilgrimage to rediscover the civility, ethics and knowledge that may transform the world into an Eden tomorrow – A Paragon of Goodness.

Here we seek to espouse in our social fabric all the virtues of intellectual curiosity, creativity and courage to ask the right questions. We tend to celebrate success, reward excellence and with gusto; prioritize progress.
Every day at the LGS, Paragon is an exercise in replacing fear of failing with a passion for learning. Learning that never stops as we evolve and adapt but the core values remain the same: Individuality, Integrity, Compassion and Responsibility of what lies within and without.

Our Schools

Students come first!

Pre School

Activities are developed and presented in such a way as to appease the child’s need to explore, choose, work and develop concentration skills.


Junior School

LGS Paragon is not just a regular institution but a renowned platform where the individuals are given every possible chance to learn, grow, progress and ultimately excel, thereby producing distinguishable ranks among the common lot.


Middle School

LGS Paragon middle school consists of grade 6, 7 & 8. Here our focus is to help students transition smoothly from Junior school to the rigorous demands of the O-levels programme in Senior school.


Senior School

We also hope that this website will will be useful to prospective and current parents and allow them the opportunity, along with their child, of understanding and participating in the academic and social life of LGS Paragon.

  • PASSED STUDENTS (2009-2018)

News And Events


Dear Parents, We have come across various posts on social media suggesting that LGS is planning to make students wear a mask with the school logo once schools open. Please note that this is NOT TRUE. All students must wear a mask for their own safety but they will buy masks of their own choice. […]

Update about Harassment Issue Director’s Office ( 02-07-2020)

A committee to probe the allegations against the suspended members of the administration of LGS 1A1 has been formed . The committee consists of senior members from the management of LGS and Alumni Representatives( LGS 1A1 Collective) . The Director, Mrs Ali ,will oversee the proceedings of the committee herself . The findings of the […]

Mission And Values

On Wednesday, 1st July 2020, the Director of LGS 1A1, Ms. Nighat Ali, Principal Ms. Gul Rukh Rehman and other members of the school management (“School Management”) held a meeting with representatives from the “LGS 1A1 Collective” (a group of actively concerned and collectively engaged alumnae and students). The focus of the meeting was to discuss incidents of harassment on campus and to collaborate on solutions for systemic reform.

The LGS 1A1 Collective prepared a Charter of Demands (attached) which was presented to the School Management to ensure robust reforms on campus.

The School Management expressed its deep regret at the actions of certain members of the administration and faculty, but fully committed itself to addressing the situation in collaboration with alumnae and students.

The School Management was prompt and responsive. They agreed to the Charter of Demands presented by the LGS 1A1 Collective, and have, thus far, implemented the following:

1) Termination of faculty and staff members who were perpetrators of sexual harassment.

2) Suspension of members of administrative staff who allegedly neglected complaints of sexual harassment and abuse on campus.

3) Formation of an Inquiry Committee to investigate allegations against the suspended members of administrative staff.

4) Notification of an Inquiry Committee for harassment cases on campus. The School Management will undertake to make the Committee and its processes as accessible for students as possible.

5) A formal anti-harassment policy which will be accessible on the school website, all visible school areas, bulletin boards, etc.

Further actions agreed to be taken in line with the LGS 1A1 Collective demands include:

1) Mandatory trainings on harassment for faculty, staff, and students.

2) A meeting between the student body and the directors (pending current pandemic restrictions).

3) Handbooks for students and teachers apprising them of what constitutes inappropriate behaviour on campuses.

4) Encouraging an overall safer culture for students on campus and reforming institutional attitudes towards female students in a manner conducive to their growth.

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