Lahore Grammar School was established in Lahore in January 1979 by a group of women with a commitment to quality education. Their aim was to provide a creative alternative to the existing educational facilities available in the country. The initial focus of LGS was the promotion of female education. However, it was soon realized that quality educational institutions were needed for boys also. This led to the opening of the boys’ branch in 1992.

The LGS system now offers comprehensive education comprising of both Matric/0′ and A. level to both boys and girls. The school has several branches in the city of Lahore as well as in Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi and Islamabad. A girls’ college in Lahore offers F. A. / FSc., ICS and BA in Arts.

The Landmark Project, an extension of the school network of Lahore Grammar School caters to the needs of middle income families. In addition, children from the lower income group are served by the LGS ilm Schools.


We hold it our life’s work to develop the mind, body and spirit of our diverse student body, to mould our students into leaders who define success in their fields and contribute to their communities by serving as paragons of excellence, integrity and com passion.


LGS Paragon City Campus aims to reward the spirit of intellectual curiosity and inquiry, creativity, initiative and independent thought. To endeavour to create an environment where individuality, sense of purpose and personal and communal achievements are respected and honored. To instill a sense of responsibility through the values of integrity, honesty and respect for difference.

Principal’s Message

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”-Robert Frost

I firmly believe that education’s purpose is not to deluge minds with information, but, as a good education must endow one with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s world, so too, it is the onus of the educator to ensure that it is much more than this. It must develop the entire person, and not just the mind, from character, to grooming, and nurturing talents- things that textbooks alone cannot ever teach a person.

It was keeping these ideals in mind that LGS Paragon City came into being. Ever since our inception, we have continually strived to ensure that we produce not only excellent minds, but exceptional people. I believe that here, it is our duty to make sure that we leave no stone unturned for our children, which is what our student body is to us, and thus strive to make sure we give them the best possible education we can, to mould them into real people, with values and ideals, who think and act on their own, on the basis of what they believe to be best, and thus, help in developing a more moderate, free-thinking society.
It is for these very reasons, because of our ideology and the fact that we strive to turn beliefs into practices that I urge and look forward to you joining us here at LGS Paragon the coming term.

With warm regards,

Salman Yasin
Principal/ Superintendent

Campus Facilities

Our large, purpose-built campus is our pride and joy here at LGS Paragon: sprawling over eight acres of land- one of the largest LGS campuses in the city- it is an emblem of the Paragon spirit. The campus has been built to provide a nurturing, conducive environment for all our students and its purpose is to ensure that they are well equipped and provided for when they join the Paragon fold and trust us with the responsibility of helping them reach the zenith of academic life.

Besides having a dedicated meeting room for our clubs and societies, an auditorium for theatre and the performing arts and state-of-the-art laboratories for our science students, the Paragon campus is also fully- equipped with a well-stocked library that caters to the varying tastes of our entire student body, an art room, as well as a dedicated music room and media room.

In terms of sports, too, we have the best possible facilities: the Senior School Campus alone has two dedicated football fields, two basketball courts, a cricket pitch and nets, separate badminton courts as well as a tennis court and heated swimming pool. This summer, we also be building a fully equipped gym as well as a game room that will have billiard table, fastball table and other games that students can enjoy.

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